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Muscle Car Restoration: Why Should You Do It?

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August 21, 2018
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Muscle cars are one of the most popular collectible vehicles ‘still’ available today. Unfortunately, most muscle cars have fallen out of favour of the general public in the bid for more ‘technologically advanced’ vehicles. Still, there is a lingering fascination for muscle cars, and the bygone age that spawned them, so much so that entire organisations and groups dedicate much of their time, and money, into muscle car restoration.

Whether it’s the sheer beauty of their construction, the palpable power exuded by these vehicles’ appearance, or the thrill of the roar of their engine, muscle cars have long held people in awe and. It’s no wonder then that people would go out of their way to try and restore old muscle cars, but the nagging question, especially in the light of all of the other modern vehicles available today, is ‘why?’ Why go through the hassles of restoring a muscle car?

There are folks who will obviously think that investing in restoring muscle cars is not only impractical, but also expensive, and that’s ok. But, there are different types of car restoration, all geared towards specific target audiences and markets.

Different Types of Muscle Car Restoration

For some people, the driving factor of restoring vintage muscle cars is in their value as collectible items. For others, restoring muscle cars to stock showroom condition breathes new life back into their vehicles; steering away from the road that leads off to the scrap metal pile.

There has always been an air of allure and power which is exuded by muscle cars, and in the art and science of restoring them two things stand out as most important – authenticity and functionality. Unfortunately, this debate also fuels a great divide between restorers who are after authenticity – only authentic parts of the proper time period are used, versus functionality, which focuses more on what modification can be done to make a muscle car run better than when it rolled-out of the factory doors.

Obviously, the endgame irrespective of the camp one belongs to is obviously to profit. Muscle car restorers will either restore cars as part of a personal collection that will only appreciate with time, or investors will restore these wonderful motorised beasts for immediate resale – to turn a ‘fast’ buck. Either way, if you’re looking for excellent and unparalleled muscle car restoration services, check out Supershine; they are passionate about restoring old muscle cars.

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