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The Dangers of Having Cracked Windscreens: Why Windscreen Replacement is A Must?

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If your blurry morning vision suddenly snaps into focus before you get behind the wheel, this is a good time to lean forward and look for cracks in your windscreen. And, should you be unlucky enough to find one, you’ll need to a windscreen replacement service because one crack is enough to impair the structure of this crucial piece of glass.

When you’re driving in a car with a damaged windscreen, you’re distracted. It might be a tiny chip or the smallest nick, it doesn’t matter, and your eye is drawn to that one flaw, which causes a dangerous distraction. That one window chip is so small that it barely registers, but it still manages to draw the eye like a magnet, which is all that’s needed for a momentary lapse in concentration, one that could cause a terrible road accident. Prevent this unnecessary risk by opting for a windscreen replacement as soon as humanly possible.

The next scenario is one that doesn’t always occur to drivers, but it happens; it happens often enough to cost lives. Your nick in the glass is stable, but the summer heat is coming. The glass fits well, but stresses exist around the frame. A hot day actually warps the glass ever so slightly. The flex in the glass is imperceptible to the eye but very perceptible to the weakened glass. In fact, you can park the car at night, go indoors, and by the time you leave for work in the morning, the glass has cracked. The change in temperature is the cause, but imagine if this had happened while you were driving. Even a bump on the road could result in this unforeseen circumstance, a crack that spiderwebs across your windscreen and totally obscures your vision.

Flying bits of gritty road dirt are thrown up onto your car. Airborne debris is accelerated by the speeding wheels of another motor vehicle, whipped across your windscreen at great speed. These are just unavoidable events. Maybe you can reduce speed and keep your distance from the car in front of you, but cracks just happen. As out of your control as this scenario is, you have total control over what comes next. Don’t leave the damage there and hope it doesn’t deteriorate. Lives are at risk, your own included. Take responsibility for your vehicle’s welfare and take care of a windscreen replacement when the damage first happens. This one service stops vision impairment and puts an end to spreading windscreen cracks.

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