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Windscreen Replacement

Windscreen replacement

Have you noticed a tiny chip or the smallest nick in your windscreen lately? Or perhaps you’ve been involved in an accident...

Either way, your windscreen is a danger.

A tiny nick is enough to distract you. And any one moment of distraction is all it takes for a road accidents.

If you can ignore the distraction, then know that one tiny chip or nick can easily turn into a crack. Enough to damage the structure of your windscreen. Making it vulnerable to many possible stresses which can cause it to crack further. Throughout the whole windscreen.

What could cause stresses to a slightly damaged windscreen? Heat, hail, road dirt, and rocks from passing trucks are just a few examples.

Don’t risk yourself or the lives of your passengers. Get your windscreen replaced.

Windscreen replacement cost

It’s a common question: ‘How much will it cost to replace my windscreen?’

It depends on:

  • Your vehicle
  • The size of the windscreen
  • The damage
  • The position of the damage
  • Make and model of your car
  • Your insurance: we can help you with that if you need.

What you can expect

  • Strong windscreen that fits perfectly
  • Quality glass compliant with Australian standards
  • Fast turnaround
  • Courtesy local pick up / drop off
  • Fully qualified and experienced mechanics
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Top costumer service,high quality products,very friendly staff. I didn't have to wait more time than the time they told me initial was great. - Antonio Pedro

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